INgrooves Music Group Announces Expanded Distribution Deal with R2G Across Greater China

INgrooves Music Group has signed an expanded distribution deal for Greater China with R2G, China’s digital music distribution leader.  INgrooves is one of the world’s leading independent providers of music distribution, marketing and technology services to today’s music community.

As part of this expanded deal, R2G will distribute the INgrooves catalogue to Chinese music services and mobile operators and ensure that proper licensing fees are paid and collected – a market situation which is showing signs of improvement. The agreement includes digital rights to over one million recordings from the likes of Wolf Alice, Nerina Pallot, Mazzy Star, Modestep, David Cook, Joe Bonamassa, Nerina Pallot, Thievery Corporation and many more.

With over 10 years of market expertise, R2G has established, by far, the most extensive digital music coverage in China. R2G is part of China Music Corporation (CMC) which is the largest music platform in the world, in terms of active user base, and is also the largest digital music aggregator and licensing platform in China.

R2G’s pragmatic approach to dealing with the copyright environment has enabled many content providers to tap into the Chinese market as major Chinese music services start to embrace legal music licensing.

Alex Branson, INgrooves’s International Managing Director said: “We are excited to be part of the new changes that are happening in China with regards to licensing. INgrooves is optimistic that with R2G’s expertise and network, we can better integrate with this developing market and make our clients’ music catalogues available to fans via the various music services R2G reaches.”

INgrooves, works with more than 3,000 labels and distributes its music to over 600 music services globally, and the expanded distribution in greater China represents significant growth for the Company’s global footprint and consumer reach.

Mathew Daniel, President of R2G, said: “We are happy to be working with INgrooves and taking this exciting step forward to give their artists the opportunity to reach more music services in China, and for them to be paid accordingly for it. INgrooves has a very extensive catalogue that will certainly give millions of music fans in China a much wider selection.”

With China’s largest music services only carrying a few million songs, the INgrooves catalogue would serve to present Chinese fans with a significant influx of new music.

CMC CEO, Xie Guomin said: “We are committed to developing a vibrant and healthy marketplace for music in China which will be of great benefit to artists, and we are delighted to have one of the world’s biggest independent music distributors, INgrooves, as our partner to further that aim.”

About INgrooves Music Group:
INgrooves Music Group is a leader in the independent music distribution and marketing industry. The Company is comprised of INgrooves Distribution Services, INresidence Artist Services and INgrooves Rights Services. All divisions of the company work together to provide independent labels, established artists and other content owners with the most transparent and scalable distribution tools, rights management services, and thoughtful marketing solutions that enable them to maximize their sales in today’s dynamic global marketplace. For more information, visit:  INgrooves Music Group is a division of Isolation Network, Inc.

R2G is the leading music distribution service provider with licensing deals across most of the major Service Providers in China, combined with rights from both local and international Content Providers. R2G is also one of the largest distributors of Chinese music to global music services like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

China Music Corporation (CMC) is not only the largest music platform in the world in terms of active user base with 389 million users, but is also the fastest growing with a share of 73.7$ of total internet users in China. As the largest digital music aggregator and licensing platform in China, CMC controls 32% of all licensed music in China. With a multi-platform coverage over mobile, PC and IPTV, CMC’s properties include Kugou, Kuwo, R2G and Rainbow Music which are all leading players in their respective categories.