YouTube Video Claims

We understand that YouTube Video Claims can be a frustrating block to work around, however we’re here to direct you to some YouTube resources that can help you better understand the process (see links below).

First and foremost, Ingrooves is a digital distributor that delivers millions of your favorite songs to services like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube. We partner with independent labels and artists who use our service to help better manage their content online for fans like you to access and enjoy. One of the ways we help some of our clients is by representing their ownership rights on services like YouTube.

Q: How does YouTube match audio content and generate disputes?
A: Learn more about YouTube’s Content ID system here.

Q: What happens when UGC matches our content?
A: YouTube has a great resource page that explains exactly what options you have here.

Q: What you can do if you believe that an invalid claim has been placed on your video?
A: Fill out the form below, our YouTube team will investigate and get back to you as soon as we can. Please make sure to include the link to the video in question.


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