Limelight Provides Mechanical Licensing Solutions for Physical Releases

Mechanical licensing for U.S. distribution has always been difficult – researching songwriters, locating publishers, and negotiating licenses. INgrooves partnered with RightsFlow to simplify labels’ publishing and mechanical licensing requirements. Today, your digital downloads and ringtones can be cleared via the INgrooves and RightsFlow partnership by deducting publishing royalties from sales (contact your client rep for more details).

However, labels in need of mechanical licensing for Physical releases can now tap Limelight to handle mechanical licensing and royalty obligations for CDs and vinyl.

Introducing Limelight Limelight – – provides an easy way to guarantee a mechanical license for physical releases in the US. Limelight helps labels save time and money in securing mechanical licenses for physical product.

How do I use Limelight? If you need to secure a mechanical license for a physical release, simply head to Limelight and enter basic release information. The Limelight team researches copyright owners, including songwriter and publisher and provides licenses back within 10-15 business days as a digital PDF document.

How much does it cost? Limelight charges an upfront service fee (starting at $15/license) and publishing royalties at the statutory rate. This process guarantees a license can be put in place via compulsory means if necessary. Full pricing details are available at along with a cost calculator to help you plan out your project.

What if I’m already opted-in to the existing RightsFlow deal? You likely won’t need any additional licensing UNLESS you release physical product in the United States. Limelight complements (but does not replace) the existing RightsFlow arrangement.